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"A man to carry on a successful business must...see things as in a vision, a dream of the whole thing." - Charles Schwab

About Us

Blue Ray Media is Denver, Colorado-based website development company founded in 1998. We develop websites for a wide variety of businesses and organizations. We design websites for a wide variety of companies and groups, including nonprofit organizations, foundations and associations, manufacturers, local and national businesses and law firms.

Over the years, we've become known for our ability to develop and deliver comprehensive online solutions for our clients. We create exciting and effective work in all aspects of interactive media for companies ranging from local mom-and-pop shops to national and international businesses. We can do this because we listen to our clients and learn about the unique needs of each one.

No matter what your goals are or what your budget is, Blue Ray Media can help you make the most of the web. Strategic planning, combined with great website development and technical expertise, can take your business to the next level.

Tell us your goals. We look forward to helping you achieve them.

Some of the website design and development services we've provided include:

  • Professional Website Design and Development Services

    This real estate agent's website includes all his listings and homes for sale throughout the area. Visitors can find homes for sale, save favorite properties and even share them with friends. Registered users can get email updates whenever new listings that meet their criteria are posted.

  • FLASH Website Design Services

    PeterBlank Design is a contemporary interior design firm located in Denver, Colorado. While animation and music won't work for every website, they add to the PeterBlank Design site because they help convey the urban, provocative and modern aesthetic of the designer and his work.

  • Professional Website Design for Associations

    The Missouri State Tumor Registrars Assocation had a limited budget to create a site for their members. Blue Ray Media was awarded the job and created a feature-rich website the association can manage themselves. The site allows new members to join and has password-protected, private areas that benefit members.

Tell us your goals
. We'll help you achieve them.

Contact us to get started creating a new website.

We're happy to talk to you about your needs and goals. Fill out our online form and tell us what you want the web to do for your business, nonprofit organization or other group. We'll work together to plan how to create a new website that works for you and your customers.

Helpful Web Tips & News about Our Company

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We know you're curious. Is it website or Web site?

The New York Times is still using Web site, but we've (somewhat reluctantly) decided to move from spelling it "Web site" to "website". We're now using "email" and have given up on "e-mail", too. (The AP just switched from e-mail to email. Other terms, like e-commerce, will keep their hyphens. The AP moved to "website" last year - read about it here.)