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Engage Your Customers Blue Ray Media is a website design and development company founded in Denver, Colorado in 1998. We design innovative Internet, multimedia, and e-commerce solutions for businesseslaw firms and nonprofit organizations. We've become known for our ability to develop and deliver a client's message through great web design, technical expertise, and strategic planning. With clients ranging from local mom-and-pop shops to national and international businesses, Blue Ray Media has gained a reputation for creating exciting and effective work in all aspects of interactive media.

A few of the web design and development solutions we've provided for businesses and nonprofit organizations:

  • Custom Web Application Development Services

    Blue Ray Media transformed the way TScribe does business. Clients schedule and track conference calls, upload audio and video files and queue them for transcription online. The custom-developed system lets management assign and track jobs, including when they're due and how long it takes for each to be completed. They even use the system to manage and track quality.

  • Ecommerce Design and Development Services

    The Rosy Rings website includes retail e-commerce, so visitors can buy candles and gifts online. Wholesale customers use the site, too. They can log in to place orders online and manage their account information. Best of all, Rosy Rings manages the entire store with a custom-developed e-commerce content management system.

  • WordPress Design Content Management System

    Richard Male and Associates wanted to manage their website in-house. With a simple-to-learn content management system, the staff adds articles, promotes news and events on the home page and keeps information fresh all the time. This comprehensive website helps enhance the company's reputation as expert consultants.

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Helpful Web Tips & News about Our Company

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We know you're curious. Is it website or Web site?

The New York Times is still using Web site, but we've (somewhat reluctantly) decided to move from spelling it "Web site" to "website". We're now using "email" and have given up on "e-mail", too. (The AP just switched from e-mail to email. Other terms, like e-commerce, will keep their hyphens. The AP moved to "website" last year - read about it here.)